As one of the pivotal moments in recent history unfolds in Egypt President Obama is acting like a cat got his tongue.

Instead of speaking out forthrightly against the terror unleashed by the Mubarak mobs he has equivocated and calibrated every response.

Instead of telling Mubarak that after 30 years of misrule he should go, our president uses weasel words and qualifiers.

Where is George W Bush when you need him? At least he called a spade a spade

Or Ronald Reagan telling Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall?

Or John F. Kennedy proclaiming Ich Bin Ein Berliner ?

If ever there was a moment to stand up for democracy, for people over the powerful it is now.

I thought that was vaguely the platform that Mubarakobama was elected on but clearly not one he cares to deliver on.

Sure there have been fine words and wonderful promises, but in his first foreign policy crisis he is pussyfooting around like a tenderfoot.

Sure there are regional issues, sure there is the long term to consider but how bad could it be to stand up for democracy when millions are on the street pleading for their chance at it?

He would be be an instant hero on the Arab street and reverse much of the damage done for decades in the Arab world.

But Obama is curiously mute lacking the bigness to overcome the whispers from advisers not to call a spade a spade and convince him it is all too complicated.

Churchill called out the Nazis, john F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan the communists in Berlin.

Who will call out the Egyptian dictator?

Alas, it seems not this American president.

More's the shame.

Ich Bin Ein Mubaraker .