The NYPD police union this week honored heroic members of the force who stopped recent tragedies -- and most were Irish cops.

Ironic isn’t it at a time when Mayor de Blasio is specifically omitting outreach to the Irish community in the latest notifications about the NYPD entrance exam in the name of diversity.

Last year a $54 million campaign to widen the base of the department was announced.

The press release stated there will be a “particular focus on African American, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, women and LGBTQ applicants," according to the request for proposals released last October. No Irish or Italian, for generations the backbone of the NYPD,  need apply was the clear  message.

Nothing wrong with diversity but a lot wrong with singling out the Irish community for no efforts at recruitment. It’s politically correct bullcrap, frankly. 

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It’s a slap in the face for the Irish, the linchpins of the best police force in the world.

It's New York’s loss. Officer Ryan Nash and Kevin McGinn were among four cops who stopped an ISIS  suicide truck driver who plowed his truck into civilians injuring 20 and killing eight at Halloween 2017.

“They rushed there in their radio cars, they rushed there by foot — some even left their families at home and rushed into work because we knew we were under attack again, so we say that word and that phrase quite easily, but it’s true: We do rush towards that danger, and we do it, once again, for folks we don’t even know,” Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch said during the annual “Finest of the Finest” ceremony in Manhattan.

Upon arrival, Nash shot ISIS madman Sayfullah Saipo thereby saving many more lives.

“The award is very nice. I’m very honored, I’m humbled. It’s given from other police officers, which is really big. It’s a good part of this job that we get to salute the other officers that were involved in stuff and really show some respect there,” said Nash a five-year veteran.

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Also honored was officer Matthew McGrath who got a call about a choking baby.

Rushing to the scene he could not figure out what was making the baby choke but he knew he couldn't wait for an ambulance. He placed the baby in his patrol car and drive like lightning to Bellevue Hospital and saved the baby’s life with his quick action.

McGrath said he was “very honored” to receive the award.

“I’m more happy that the baby was able to survive,” he said. “I’m very honored that the baby is actually doing well.

NYPD Honors Its ‘Finest Of The Finest’ At Annual Awards Ceremony

— CBS New York (@CBSNewYork) June 8, 2018

“The baby is doing very well and the baby has no problems after the incident,” he said. “[The parents] just thanked me for everything that I did, you know, and they really appreciate that I got there very quickly and was able to get the baby to the hospital so quick.”

The baby's sitter Benjamin-Williams has pleaded “not guilty” in the ongoing case of attempted murder, for stuffing parts of a towel down the child’s throat.