One sure thing. After the publication of the FBI memo brought to us by the performing Trump monkey Devin Nunes, Vladimir Putin is the happiest man in Russia this weekend.

His plan, set in place in the run-up to the American election to confuse, diffuse and spread discord has worked to a remarkable degree.

America has disappeared up its own transom, utterly at odds with itself, obsessed with talk of treason and cover-up, while Putin's Russia sails serenely on gaining more and more worldwide influence as America turns on itself.

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Why have we reached this ludicrous stage? After all, if the FBI wanted to ruin Trump all they had to do was announce during the campaign that they were investigating links between the Trump campaign and Russia which they were certainly aware of.

Remember when Jim Comey with the election in the balance revealed that Hillary's emails case was re-opened? She has far more grounds for suspecting the election was thrown to her opponent by FBI interference.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin reminds me of Whitey Bulger, the ace Irish Mafia king of Boston. Early on the FBI decided to overlook all of Bulger’s crimes as long as he fed them information on other criminal gangs.

What they never recognized until it was too late was that Bulger was ten times more bloody-minded and savage and murderous than any of the minor Mafia characters he turned in.

The FBI became the plaything of the informer rather than the other way around.

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It's happening again with Russia, Thus, Vladimir Putin would make a very good Whitey Bulger. Despite being knee deep in perverting the course of an American presidential election his officials are best buddies with the White House, sanctions have been dropped and Russia was not even mentioned as a bad actor in the State of the Union address.

Instead, we are attacking your own intelligence leadership as a seemingly enraged President Trump seems set to order firing squads for anyone in the FBI and CIA and Justice Department not willing to slavishly support him.

Whitey Bulger.

Whitey Bulger.

Full disclosure of the Nunes memo shows the FBI seeking a warrant for Carter Page, a man named on Trump's foreign policy advisory team who had major contact with Russian spies, was an honored guest on frequent trips to Moscow and spoke at a major Russian political dinner there. It didn't need a dossier reveal to realize that Carter Page was very likely compromised by his Russian involvement and needed to be watched.The question should be why wasn't he under even more surveillance rather than whether there was a bias in deciding to spy on him.

Trump is trying to do the seemingly impossible, present himself as a defender of a likely Russian spy who had likely been turned with promises of lucrative contracts in the energy field by the Russians.

Trump is now clearly angling to take down anyone left in the FBI or State Department who has hand, act or part in the Russia probe. Instead of focusing on the Russian threat we are instead fixated on the non-existent enemy within.

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Whatever Trump is hiding on the Russian connection must be huge -- he is going to extraordinary lengths to block Mueller's inquiry including undermining his own security agencies.

What could it be that makes him so desperate to stop the Mueller probe?
Could it be the Steele dossier is totally true Trump, golden showers and women included?

Or could it be there was massive money laundering even before Trump came to power, using Russian fronts? Or could it even be the Russians are in a position to blackmail him because of tape or video they have?

I don't know the answer but I know it will come out soon. Trump may think he can stem the tide like King Canute but he will learn that American institutions have not survived this long without being robust and strong.

The truth will out.