So the whistleblower is a CIA employee according to The New York Times - why am I not surprised?

I think President Donald Trump is learning too late you do not try and ridicule the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who can bite back like rottweilers.

Also, Trump will learn that when he is impeached it will be very bad news for him, despite many opinions to the contrary. Impeachment, whether bringing about removal from office or not, spells his political death knell.

As for his Ukranian misadventures, it is clear as crystal he and, his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani had cooked up the Ukranian hit to damage his leading rival. They thought they had found the sweet spot, the kind of issue that would dog Joe Biden but this time they did not get away with it.

Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

The whistleblower was lying in wait and, for the first time, Trump's furious denials are not working. The whistleblower’s eloquent complaint quotes Trump in his own words, making an offer Ukraine cannot refuse. It is devastating.

Should we be surprised the whistleblower is from the CIA? That’s the same CIA that Trump humiliated when he publicly stated that he trusted President Vladamir Putin’s words over his own Central Intelligence Agency when it came to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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Donald Baer, a top former CIA operative told CNN theCentral Intelligence Agency has never trusted Trump since his 1987 visit to Moscow, which was arranged by the KGB (Russia's state security agency). When he came back Trump, for the first time, was talking about running for president.

When Trump, barely in office, brought two senior Russian officials into the Oval Office and shared an Israeli classified document with them alarm bells went off in the CIA headquarters.

President Trump in the Oval Office, at the White House.

President Trump in the Oval Office, at the White House.

So little did they trust Trump that they exfiltrated to America their number one Russian spy, a man with access to all the top political figures in the Kremlin because they were deathly sure that Trump would expose him.

Right from the beginning, the CIA never trusted Trump for good reason.

That is the same CIA whose hallowed halls he visited right after his election, where he spent an hour boasting of his achievement and ignoring the work of the agency. I have been in the CIA headquarters interviewing former CIA chief John Brennan and I know how sacred the wall of heroes, those who died on CIA duty, is to agents there.

Trump ignored all that, fired Brennan and has treated the agency with contempt. The CIA old guard was said to be livid.

It is a foolish policy to provoke such anger from an organization that works to keep America safe - and has access to privileged information on most major figures.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the Trump/Putin calls break into the public domain?

Putin and Trump confer in private.

Putin and Trump confer in private.

Nor will I be surprised when impeachment turns out to be a hugely negative outcome for Trump - look at Bill Clinton.

Sure he ended up personally popular but impeachment cost Al Gore the White House when he sidelined Clinton, his biggest asset in the South during the election. Were it not for impeachment, given that the economy was vibrant and no major wars, Gore should have galloped in.

So the posse has finally caught up to the Trump bandwagon.

After three years of obfuscation, deceit, and profound arrogance the story behind his presidency is about to be revealed in all its tawdry truth.

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