Chris O’Dowd didn’t bring home a Tony Award on Sunday night for his acclaimed Broadway debut in "Of Mice and Men." And, as it turns out, the actor didn’t get much respect from his mischievous siblings back in the day either.

The Co. Roscommon native told a funny story in the run-up to the Tonys during an interview on NPR about his three big sisters who made life hell for their little bro.

“My sister would put makeup on me, and then – essentially, when you're the youngest of five, it's often left to some of the elder siblings to have parental duties, like waking the young kids up in the morning. And so they would deliberately wake me up really late so I didn't have time to wash or anything,” O’Dowd, 34, recalled of one particular razzing.

“And then, when I got to school, there would be some laughing and snickering. And I would run into the toilet and find that I had been given smoky eye or some blusher during my sleep. And when they were being particularly cruel, they would make it very subtle so it looked like it was a choice I was making.”

Miraculously, O’Dowd says that he gets on “very, very well” with his formerly cruel siblings these days.

But as for the snubbed award; it's ok, Chris! There's always next time.