A resolution calling for the "full implementation" of the Good Friday Agreement has been introduced in the US House of Representatives.

The resolution was introduced on January 12 by congressmen Bill Keating (D-MA), Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Brendan Boyle (D-PA), Mike Kelly (R-PA), Derek Kilmer (D-WA), Joe Wilson (R-SC), and David Rouzer (R-NC).

In a statement, the congressmen, who are all senior leaders dealing with issues related to the UK and Ireland, said they called for "the full implementation of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement" and expressed "hope for the continued success of the Northern Ireland Peace Process."

"This resolution commends all stakeholders involved in the talks and the signing of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement while reaffirming unwavering support for the full implementation of the Agreement," the congressmen said.

"Furthermore, this resolution supports the continued work of all communities and traditions that seek peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and across the region."

Congressman Keating, former Chairman of the Subcommittee on Europe, an Member of the Friends of Ireland Caucus, said: “The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement represents the cornerstone of peace in Northern Ireland and remains the bedrock on which today’s government institutions and cross-community initiatives lay.

“I strongly believe in its success as well as its full implementation, including accountability and justice for the victims of violence, and I look forward to upcoming celebrations surrounding the 25th anniversary of its signing.”

Congressman Fitzpatrick, former Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Europe, and Member of the Friends of Ireland Caucus, said: “The Good Friday Agreement provides a holistic approach for peace in Northern Ireland as well as for the region’s economic, cultural, and political prosperity.

“Now more than ever before, the United States has a responsibility to support the resolution of outstanding multilateral trade issues, the ongoing reconciliation process for victims of violence and their families, and the return to government in Northern Ireland.

"As we approach this 25th Anniversary, I look forward to engaging with our allies and partners in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the European Union on how together, we can safeguard the peace for generations to come.”

Congressman Boyle, the only member of Congress with an Irish-born parent, a Member of the Friends of Ireland Caucus, and Co-Chair of the EU Caucus, remarked: “The Good Friday Agreement is one of the greatest diplomatic achievements of the 20th century.

“The United States played a critical role in the Irish Peace Process that ultimately led to the Good Friday Agreement and has continued that role in the 25 years since it was signed. I am confident the U.S. will continue to be a strong voice for peace with justice in Ireland.”

Congressman Kelly, Co-Chair of the Friends of Ireland Caucus, said: “After generations of bloodshed, the Good Friday Agreement was an astounding achievement and has served as the bedrock of peace in Northern Ireland.

"The Good Friday Agreement lies at the very heart of the peace and reconciliation process that ended the Troubles. Nothing should jeopardize the progress the Good Friday Agreement has made for the people of Ireland.

"With the U.S. playing an integral part of this transformative accord, I stand with my bipartisan colleagues in reaffirming our continued long-standing support of the Good Friday Agreement.” 

Congressman Kilmer, Co-Chair of the Congressional UK Caucus, commented: “I was a grad student studying in the UK when the Good Friday Agreement was signed.

“Twenty-five years later, as Co-Chair of the Congressional U.K. Caucus, I look forward to continued engagement with our allies in support of breaking down barriers, upholding peace, and fully implementing the Agreement.”

Congressman Wilson, Co-Chair of the Congressional UK Caucus, said: “As we recognize the upcoming 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, I am grateful to join my bipartisan Congressional colleagues in congratulating all involved for their ongoing efforts to maintain the peace in Northern Ireland.

"The United States will continue its steadfast support and work with the parties of the agreement to help achieve a sustained harmony and a thriving relationship between the stakeholders."

Congressman Rouzer, Co-Chair of the Congressional UK Caucus, added: “The United States joins the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement and reaffirms our strong and unwavering support for it. Catholic and Protestant communities came together in 1998 to put peace, hope, and unity above violence and division.

"This grand anniversary is aspirational to continued and future actions that strengthen cooperation and inclusion for lasting peace and prosperity.”