Sinn Fein and the DUP, the two political parties at the center of the political crisis that has gripped Northern Ireland, are in the midst of debriefing their members on the latest development in the negotiations over the devolution of policing and justice affairs.

A set of proposals on how the devolution should take place is being presented to respective party members, and if ratified, then a tense week of negotiations will come to an end.

Northern Secretary Shaun Woodward and Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheal Martin are at Hillsborough Castle in County Down to offer any assistance they can in the final stages of negotiations.

Significant progress has been made as both sides edge closer to an agreement that will ensure the continued existence of the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly, something that was in some doubt when last week when Sinn Fein threatened to walk away unless devolution could be agreed on.

However, Monday could seen the deal signed and Taoiseach Brian Cowen has re-jigged his schedule so that he can travel to Belfast to witness the agreement, should it come to pass Monday.