The White House has announced that US President Donald Trump will make his first official visit to Ireland in November. Should Ireland welcome him? Take our poll. 

On Friday, the White House announced that Donald Trump will visit Ireland for two days in November as part of his plans surrounding WWI armistice commemorations in Paris on November 11. 

This will mark President Trump's first official visit to Ireland since taking office in 2016. A previous Ireland visit Trump had planned in June 2016 as part of a Scotland trip (Trump's mother was a Scottish immigrant and he has golf courses in both Ireland and Scotland) was abruptly canceled. 

Breaking: White House confirms Donald Trump to visit Ireland this November. @VirginMediaNews

— Richard Chambers (@newschambers) August 31, 2018

His most recent visit to Ireland took place in 2014 when he traveled to his golf course in Doonbeg, Co. Clare. 

Trump's July visit to the UK drew an estimated 250,000 protestors to the streets of London, while a giant balloon depicting the US President as a large baby holding a cell phone flew over Parliament Square. 

Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar invited Trump to visit Ireland when they met at the White House for St. Patrick's Day 2018. This caused controversy among those who felt that such an invite should not be extended to the American leader, whose persecution of undocumented immigrants and trouncing of abortion and LGBT rights conflicts with the concerns and values Ireland has championed in recent years. 

However, an official statement from the Irish government marks the visit as "an opportunity to follow up on the issues discussed in the White House in March including migration, trade, climate change and human rights issues."

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