The Irish Freedom Party wants to see Ireland leave the European Union

The Irish Freedom Party has unveiled ‘Irexit’ billboards across Ireland as the Brexit process in the UK further delves into chaos.

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The newly released Irexit billboards call for support of the Irish Freedom’s Party mission to see Ireland exit the European Union, just as the UK is in the process of doing.

.@IrexitFreedom have launched our national billboard campaign. We believe the best people to look after Irish affairs are the Irish people themselves. We will be making the case to be a normal , self governing and independent nation. #IFP #Irexit #Irishfreedom

— Irish Freedom Party (@IrexitFreedom) March 27, 2019

Some of the Irexit billboards feature 1916 Uprising leader Michael Collins with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the line “EU membership means paying old men we didn’t elect to make EU laws we don’t need.”

One of the IFP's billboards (

One of the IFP's billboards (

Online, the IFP says their new billboard campaign, which includes 30 billboards in Dublin alone, was funded by donations from IFP members.

The IFP’s website indicates that the group has applied for official political party recognition and, if recognized, party founder Hermann Kelly and party chairwoman Professor Dolores Cahill of UCD intend to run in the European elections.

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IFP's communications director James Darby says: “We believe the best people to look after Irish affairs are the Irish people themselves.”

“We will be making the case to be a normal, self-governing and independent state. Something that those who came before us, sacrificed to create for the good of their children’s future.”

“Even the latest EU barometer poll shows that one quarter of the Irish population wishes to leave the EU’s political union, and this is in line with voters’ rejection of Nice I and Lisbon I.”

Tremendous response to our nationwide billboard campaign . Many new members have joined us today. #IFP #Irishfreedom #EP2019

— Irish Freedom Party (@IrexitFreedom) March 28, 2019

Darby also said: “For the first time in recent history, voters have a real choice.  It is time to reject the politically correct Europhile establishment. Embrace the patriotic alternative with the Irish Freedom Party.”

“We have unique appeal. We are the only party who believe in Irish freedom and national sovereignty. The Irish people deserve a proper choice and vision for our country. The days of subservience to foreign authority should be over.”

“We are a patriotic party of national sovereignty in favour of a smaller state, lower taxation, free speech, and control of our shared national resources for the benefit of the Irish people.”

“We will never again accept our national budget being approved in the Bundestag before it was even seen in Dáil Éireann, nor allowing the Troika of EU, ECB and IMF imposing 64 billion euro bank debt on the Irish taxpayer. As an EU net contributor, why are we paying for other people in Brussels to make many of our laws? This situation has to change. The Irish Freedom Party will be a voice for change in these Euro elections.”

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The Irish Freedom Party will be hosting a conference in Co Limerick on April 6.

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