Kayla Rooney, who passed away in New York on July 5, was described as a "good, sweet child" at her funeral earlier today, July 12, in the Bronx.

Rooney, 17, was a beloved and active member of the local Irish American community having played for St. Brigid's Ladies Gaelic Football & Camogie Club of New York and Sperrin Ogs Gaelic Football Club in New York and participating in Irish dance. She was also involved in basketball and theater.

At her funeral on Wednesday, officiated by Fr Brendan Fitzgerald, mementos of Rooney’s life adorned the altar, including a portrait of the teen, a camogie stick and helmet, and a blanket with pictures of her and her family along with bouquets of pink and white flowers.

“Intense amount of grief and sorrow, it feels unbearable,” Fr Fitzgerald told the congregation, which “overflowed” onto the street.

“The grief and the sorrow is a part of love,” Fr Fitzgerald said. “When I see your tears and your pain and your grief, I see your love. A mother’s love, a father’s love, love of a brother and sister, all her family.

“Your grief and your sorrow is a testament of your love for Kayla."

Fr Fitzgerald said how he was "incredibly touched" by how many of the mourners coordinated to paint their nails blue as a sign of their love for Kayla.

He continued: “I look at how sudden, how sudden she went home to the Lord, and the truth is, there is no explanation except that our lives are fragile. We're made up of flesh and blood and bones and water.

"And sometimes unexpectedly, for no reason at all, something happens, there's something that we just don’t know. 

“God in his providence called someone home, through no fault of their own and no fault of anyone else. It's just part of the mystery of life.

"That's the moment that happened for Kayla.

“But I also know she was ready to go to Jesus because she was a good, sweet child."

He added: “She was a good, sweet child, full of love, full of life.”

In a special message to the young mourners, Fr Fitzgerald said “Kayla would want you all to be happy” and that she “would be there” for all of life’s big moments that are yet to come.

During the communion procession, "Roll Back the Clouds" by Irish singer-songwriter Christie Hennessy and "Beat You There" by Will Dempsey were performed.

At the end of the mass, Kayla's uncle issued an emotional appeal to the young mourners, encouraging them to take care of each other and honor Kayla's legacy.

He also encouraged the community to continue their outstanding support of his sister, Kayla's mother Siobhan, as well as Kayla's father Michael and her siblings Jack and Sarah.

"Wherever Kayla Grace Rooney is right now," he said, "it is lit up so bright, it is blinding.

"Kayla Rooney, you are awesome. We love you dearly."