If you’ve ever fancied supping tea with Michael Flatley, Dublin’s venerable Shelbourne Hotel is offering the next best thing – a specially catered tea in honor of the dance legend’s skills as an artist.

Yes, artist.  MF’s paintings sell in the five to six figure range, and the Shelbourne has taken inspiration from his works to create a Michael Flatley Afternoon Tea for its patrons.  

What does it consist of? Unique pastries such as a pink macaroon filled with strawberry vanilla cheesecake, based on Michael’s painting called “Playful,” and a dark chocolate dome filled with salted caramel and chocolate mousses which takes inspiration from “Elvis,” another of his works.

The mouth-watering, calorie-laden treats look scrumptious, but Michael told The Irish Times on a visit to the Shelbourne that he never indulges his sweet tooth.

Time for a tea dance: Michael Flatley’s art is turned into pastry https://t.co/CFoC4TQ4A1 pic.twitter.com/G71roacRWF

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“I can’t have wheat or dairy. It’s small percentage of the population, but I think it’s growing. I am told everywhere we go now, whether it’s London or New York or Paris, everybody is requesting wheat-free and dairy-free,” MF said.

“I hope I won’t upset anyone, but I don’t eat desserts at all. I used to love having ice cream, but can’t have that, and also, my favorite dessert or after meal treat was Welsh rarebit. I used to love that. That was my favorite thing to have, with maybe a glass of Sauternes.”

Michael’s painting takes up a good amount of his time now. The Times reported that his first showing in London last year netted some €1 million in sales – not too shabby for someone who paints with his feet and other unusual methods.

“Sure it’s only a few of the paintings that are done with my feet. A lot of the paintings I do, I might use a cloth a rag, or I might use a piece of wood. Some of the paintings are done in the most unique methods, but I don’t use a brush, only to sign it,” he said.

The MF Shelbourne tea is €49, and includes sandwiches in addition to the cakes.

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