Joe Biden appears an unlikely savior for American democracy.  At 77 years old, the great-grandson of Irish immigrants is of an age where most politicians his vintage are out to grass and off the field.

Biden had been a two-time loser when seeking the presidential nomination of his Democratic Party and was very close to elimination this time around before he won the South Carolina primary.

Ultimately, fortunate circumstances dictated that Biden would be the last and only rock in the road to prevent Donald Trump from winning a second term that would be disastrous for democracy.

Biden was built for this moment. The country doesn’t need a showboat or a charlatan, a proven liar, and a conman (remember Trump University; we could go on). 

President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump.

It needs a steady hand and experienced captain at the tiller, a man of empathy and dignity who can help those who grieve from coronavirus loss yet lead the struggle against the virus by forming a proper federal task force involving every possible line of attack against the horrific sickness. 

Biden will not ignore its dread spread from the sideline, appoint witch doctors to lead the fight, or downright lie in the telling of where we actually stand in the battle of our lives.

The hopes of democratically elected governments everywhere go with Biden. Hollowing out American democracy as Trump has done sends an incredible signal to quasi dictators across the globe, from Brazil to Hungary to the Middle East. 

America before Trump was the shining light in the firmament of democracy. It must be so again.

It will be a titanic struggle, make no mistake about it.  Consider that in the past few months Trump has refused to say he will accept the election result if he loses.

He savages our democratic allies while pumping up dictators, and has pleaded in public with his attorney general and FBI director to open criminal investigations into his rivals. And that’s just in the last few months.

Back in the times BT (Before Trump), the foundations of liberal and democratic government seemed solid as a rock. But that rock has crumbled in the face of Trump. 

His own party has become a hallelujah chorus for the reality TV creation, praising his every utterance and insult as if they contained words of wisdom rarely heard anywhere. 

In reality, the GOP has handed over the thoughtful part of its brain to the would-be strongman and become more a cult of Trump, rather than members of a political party founded by Abraham Lincoln.

If the Republican Party cannot come to its senses then it will take the great American public to convince them, and the only way to prevent another catastrophic four years is to vote, preferably early, and absolutely for Joe Biden.

It is only by solidly voting the most damaged occupant of the White House in history out that we can end the nightmare.

The lesson needs to be learned by the minions in Congress, the senators and House members who with only one exception, Mitt Romney, have enabled and encouraged this president to do his worst.

And when the count is over and a great day's work done we can look forward to that helicopter flight taking the previous occupant of the office off the premises as the new leader, Biden, strides in.

That is the goal. That is the only object of this exercise, to restore the greatness of American democracy. Having a real friend of Ireland back in the White House will be a great thing too.

Let’s go Joe!