The late Pat Cassidy was remembered at an Organ Donor Awareness Week event in Dublin

Pat Cassidy, an Irish army sergeant, was remembered at an Organ Donor Awareness event in Dublin this week for his organ donations that saved three lives after his death in 2014.

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The Irish Mirror reports that on Monday, Pat Cassidy’s wife Yvonne spoke at an event organized as part of Ireland’s Organ Donor Awareness week at McKee Barracks in Dublin.

Speaking at the event, Yvonne said: “It’s a very special day for myself and my family."

“Pat was seemingly very fit and healthy before he passed away at just 47 years of age. He ran 8km a day, didn’t smoke and drank in moderation although he did have high blood pressure.”

“Following his heart attack, he had stents inserted but he took a bad turn which is thought to have been caused by an aneurysm, which left him on life support for three days before we said goodbye to him.”

“We hadn’t slept for days and the decision to donate his organs was a hard one to make but was made easier knowing that we were honoring his wishes.”

“My children and myself are proud of Pat. He had been a blood donor all his life and we had had the conversation about his wishes to be an organ donor.”

“At our darkest moments, we take solace in knowing that he helped others through organ donation.”

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Pat Cassidy, a native of Athlone in Co Westmeath, was able to donate his lungs, kidneys, and liver following his death, ultimately saving the lives of three other people.

You can learn more about Pat Cassidy's story here:

Today we met with Yvonne Cassidy and her family at McKee Barracks in Dublin, along with several members of the Defence Forces. Yvonne’s husband Pat was a Sergeant in the Army before he passed away, and she believes that knowing his wishes helped her make the final decision  #DonorWeek19

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At the official launch of Organ Donor Awareness Week last week, Mark Murphy, chief executive of the Irish Kidney Association, said: “We must never forget the selfless generosity of the families of deceased donors, and it is thanks to 81 donors in 2018 that 234 organ transplants took place.”

“An additional 40 living donor kidney transplants took place at Beaumont Hospital and there was a further three HSE funded kidney transplants in the UK through the Paired Kidney Exchange Programme.”

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Professor Jim Egan, Director HSE, Organ Donation Transplant Ireland also said at the event: “It is because of the generosity of the Irish public that patients can receive a life-saving organ transplant. Our message is simple: Organ Donation Saves Lives.”

Ireland's Health Service Executive (HSE) explains: "You can become an organ donor by carrying a donor card or having your wishes noted on your driving license. You should tell your family or next-of-kin that you wish to donate your organs after your death. Your family or next-of-kin can inform a doctor or another healthcare professional in a hospital if they are asked about your wishes regarding organ donation."