A group calling themselves the "IRA" has claimed responsibility for the car bomb that detonated in Derry on January 19. 

A car bomb attack outside a Derry courthouse earlier in January has been claimed by a group calling itself the "IRA."

A statement from the group, in which they issued a warning to British forces, was issued by The Derry Journal. 

The group claims they placed the car bomb that detonated shortly after 8 pm in Bishop Street on January 19. Security alerts had initially linked the attack to a group called the New IRA and police were investigating this group as their "main line of inquiry." 

Five men arrested on suspicion of the bombing were released without charge. 

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The full statement from the "IRA" reads: 

"The IRA claim responsibility for the bomb attack on the Courthouse in Derry last week.

"Despite a heavy presence by the Crown forces, our volunteers returned safely to base. 

"We will continue to strike at Crown forces personnel and their imperial establishment.

"We also caution those who collaborate with the British that they are to desist immediately as no more warnings will be given.

"All this talk of Brexit, hard borders, soft borders has no bearing on our actions and the IRA won't be going anywhere.

"Our fight goes on."

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