A night of unrest in Derry has resulted in two police officers and a civilian being injured after several petrol bombs were thrown in the vicinity of the Bogside neighborhood.

25 petrol bombs were used in total, with one resulting in a car being set on fire. As of now, only three people were arrested and the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) suspect that there are subsequent arrests to follow.

Three injured on third night of rioting in Derry's Bogside https://t.co/HafvjOs6va pic.twitter.com/APmZRsKwUX

— The Irish News (@irish_news) July 10, 2018

This historically nationalist community has seen an upsurge in public disorder for the past three days and will likely continue leading up to the loyalists’ parades on the 12th of July.

According to The Irish Times, the unrest has largely come from young people from the Bogside area who have been launching attacks on the nearby unionist Fountain estate, which houses many older people who have been caught up in the barrage of violent activity.

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The solidarity rally makes its way from #Derry’s Bogside up Nailor’s Row towards the Fountain Estate to show solidarity with residents there after several night’s of rioting pic.twitter.com/M6Fcu50qyA

— Leona O'Neill (@LeonaONeill1) July 9, 2018

Residents of the Bogside have since spoken out against these attacks, having held a rally on Monday to show their support for the residents of the Fountain estate. They made it clear that the unrest was not in their name nor representative of the community at large.

One spokesperson for the PSNI said: “It’s criminal and antisocial - it’s time it stopped.”

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