Look away if you get seasick!

This is an extraordinary film of the epic storm two years ago off the coast of Ireland, taken from the captain’s deck of a ship out at sea in the dramatic waves.

It went viral on YouTube with over 1 million views.

The ship is off the south-east coast of Ireland during one of the worst winter storms in memory.

Conditions are so bad the captain can do no more and the ship must sail itself.

There are 100-mile-an-hour winds and 55-foot-high waves.

The ship plunges up and down in waves the size as a two-story house.

“The biggest lumps of sea you see are around 15-17 meters” (55 feet) captain Stev Golden wrote on his Reddit account.

"I work at sea. This is a video of a storm we were in 1/feb/2014. 16 meter seas (52 feet)," he added.

Watch and keep an eye on your sick bag!

* Originally published in February 2014. 

Ship’s camera captured two-story-high waves crashing off the Irish coast.Stev Golden via YouTube