Former US President Donald Trump arrived in Ireland on Wednesday, May 3, to visit his golf resort in Doonbeg, Co Clare, his first Irish visit since 2019.

Trump landed at Shannon Airport on his 'Trump Force 1' plane on Wednesday after flying to Ireland from Scotland.

Former US president Donald Trump has arrived at Shannon Airport from Aberdeen in Scotland, from where he will travel to his golf resort in Doonbeg on the west Clare coast for a short visit | Read more:

— RTÉ News (@rtenews) May 3, 2023

Upon his arrival at his Trump International Golf Links & Hotel in Doonbeg, Co Clare, the former US President briefly spoke with reporters.

"You've done a great job here, this has become a great success," Trump said in a clip shared by PA journalist Cillian Sherlock when asked what's it like to be back in Ireland, his first visit since 2019.

"We love it, special place.

"You see what happened out there, with the kids and we help them and they help us.

"Great course, great hotel."

Trump arrived in Ireland on Wednesday not long after criticizing US President Joe Biden's recent Irish visit.

Trump told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on April 11: "He's [Biden] now in Ireland, he's not going to have a news conference.

"When the world is exploding - I own property in Ireland, I'm not going to Ireland. 

"The world is exploding around us. We could end up in a third World War, and this guy's gonna be in Ireland and not having a news conference. He hasn't had a news conference in months."

Trump said on Wednesday that he "didn't see too much" of Biden's Irish visit, adding "I don't know what he did here." 

Trump segued: "But this is special and we're here to pay homage to this great property.

"This property revitalized a big part of Ireland, and people [are] happy. We have incredible people working here, a lot of them, too."

"It's been great," he added.

He was then asked about US companies paying corporate tax in Ireland and whether or not the tax should be paid in the US.

“That's an interesting question," Trump replied. "I won’t answer that question in your country, a lot of people would say yes.

“But Ireland has done a good job, you’ve lured a lot of companies in. They love it here, they really love it here.

“They’ve been treated well just like I’ve been treated well.

"This has been a great success. We bought this, it was a great property, but it had to be finished and we have really completed it and it's beautiful. And now we'll do some additions.

"And the course is one of the best courses in the world, actually, one of the best courses with some of the most beautiful dunes in the world so, we've had a good time."

Asked about trade negotiations in light of Brexit, Trump said: "Well, we're gonna see. They're negotiating and we're gonna see.

"There are a lot of negotiations going on in Ireland and other places right now, but that's gonna be a tough one, it's not an easy one, have to work it out."

Former US President Donald Trump speaks to reporters as he arrives at his Doonbeg golf course.

Says Ireland has done a good job as they “lured” US companies to the country.

— Cillian Sherlock (@cilliansherlock) May 3, 2023

Trump was also asked about the civil case that is taking place in NYC where E. Jean Carroll is suing him for sexual battery and defamation, allegations that Trump denies.

Stephen Murphy, an Ireland correspondent with Sky News, asked Trump why he was in Ireland instead of New York City as the case progresses.

“Because we have a longstanding agreement to come here," Trump said.

"We’ve had tremendous reception, a beautiful reception. The people of Ireland have been great. We have a tremendous success and I hear we’re doing very well in New York.”

I asked @realDonaldTrump why he was away instead of attending his civil rape trial in New York - he said it was because of “a long-standing agreement” to come to Ireland, where he has had “a tremendous reception, a beautiful reception” #trump 🇺🇸🇮🇪

— Stephen Murphy (@SMurphyTV) May 3, 2023

Meanwhile, Trump, the frontrunner to become the Republican US presidential nominee in 2024, was indicted in New York City last month on 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree, becoming the first US president – former or current – to be charged with criminal activity. He was arraigned in Manhattan on April 4; his next hearing is set to be in December.