An Irish choir will travel to New York at the end of June to partake in a cultural exchange with a Harlem-based educational group. 

Mount Sion Choir from Waterford City will join students from the Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) college access program for a special performance on Tuesday, June 28. 

HEAF is a non-profit that helps public school students from underserved areas in New York City become high-achieving college graduates. 

Members of Mount Sion Choir will take part in a walking tour of Harlem before partaking in a "jamming session". 

They will then give an evening performance based on what they learn in the collaborative jamming session. 

Fern Khan, the Interim Executive Director of HEAF college access program, said in a statement that the collaboration will allow students to learn about each other's backgrounds and what they have in common. 

"HEAF bridges academic and opportunity gaps for New York City students from underserved communities. Exposing our students to college, careers, mentors, and role models helps them achieve their greatest potential. Equally important is nurturing their talents and interests, fostering community service, and building bridges to the world around them," Khan said in a statement. 

"We are so thrilled to align with the Mt. Sion Choir, which serves students from similarly underserved backgrounds. Through our cultural exchange, students will have the chance to learn about each other, the differences in their backgrounds, and importantly what they have in common. They will share their love of music and hopefully forge lasting bonds." 

The collaborative aims to build new friendships and partnerships through the mediums of music and storytelling.