The results are in! See what our readers had to say when they were asked about memories from their trip to Ireland.

After a long interlude, travel is back and Ireland is taking its place once again as a top tourist destination. Over the past few months, Irish Central and Ireland of the Welcomes magazine have been asking their readers to be part of a survey sharing their favorite travel memories of the Emerald Isle.

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We're proud to enjoy a loyal and unique relationship with the Irish Diaspora community so their answers and comments are uniquely informative and relatable. In the first part of the survey, we wanted to discover what our travelers to Ireland remember most when it comes to the little things and the big picture. 

When asked what made their trip so special our survey showed that people, family, Ireland, location, food, staff and room were all in first place. This was closely followed with great location, hospitality, friendly staff and hotel.    

Next on the list, beautiful rooms, friendly people, outstanding services, beautiful area, good food, central location, great breakfast, peat fire. authentic Irish atmosphere, great local history, wonderful Irish warmth, and the people, of course. 

We also wanted to find out from our readers what was that one thing, simple or grand, that sparks their memory of their travels in Ireland.  You won't be surprised to learn the most popular answers were breakfast, the food, the people, and the owners of where they stayed.  

Coming second was the beautiful locations and gardens, people’s knowledge of the areas, the lovely hosts that gave great dinner recommendations, and the scenic short walks.

Wonderful comments left in the survey included, peaceful magical place, caught poached fish, best Irish Coffee, homemade jam, pastures of cows, Ulster Fry Breakfast, and thatch roof house.

When you make a tour of Ireland, you can never guess what will be the one image that will set your mind back to dreaming about that once-in-a-lifetime trip and when to do it again.

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