The Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley may have hung up his hard shoes but the next generation of professional Irish dancers are more than ready to step, rally, and slide into the void he will leave.

We’ve already enjoyed the magic of Brooklyn-based group Hammerstep and their short film inspired by Irish dance and martial arts, and now the Dublin-based professional troupe of dancers Slide Step has unleashed their incredible new performance style in this fantastic video.

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Slide Step NEW ROUTINE from 360 Entertainment on Vimeo.

A mix of contemporary street moves and energetic, powerful, hard-shoe rhythms, Slide Step’s look is far from the wigs and dresses we may normally associate with Irish dance and they specialize in everything from 5-minute dance blasts at events to table-top revelry.

Started in 2013, the group have a big year ahead of them and shows scheduled throughout Ireland. We hope they can fit in a tour of the US, too.

You can find out more on Slide Step and their show schedule on their website or give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter.

* Originally published in January 2016.

Slide Step shake up the Irish dance scene with their hard shoe rhythms and contemporary style.Slide Step / Vimeo