Happy Halloween! Who knew Irish dance and Michael Jackson went together so well?

One Irish dance audience saw a quick trick turn into an absolute treat this Halloween as the falling pile of incapacitated Irish dancers in front of them revived as zombies to the theme of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Teelin Irish Dance Company were carrying out one of their routine Irish dance performances on Halloween when they decided to spook out the crowd by adding the popular Michael Jackson song to their Irish dance repertoire, even incorporating the singer’s world-famous “Moonwalk” dance move into their own steps.

It appeared as if some Halloween prank had initially hit the young dancers as they fell to the floor at the end of their first Irish dance to Enya until we hear the instantly familiar tune spark up over the sound system and the Irish dancers uneasily jerk upwards from the floor while other zombie dancers join them.

The whole dance is ingenious as the Irish dance group use their steps and clap their hands to stamp out the iconic tune with some pretty great acting appearing close the end when the evil voices take over.

Originally uploaded by the Irish Dancing Magazine, Teelin Irish Dance Company are based in Maryland and pride themselves on their innovate choreography in teaching Irish dance to the next generation.

With two separate branches - the Irish dance school and the performance company - their obviously very talented group of Irish dancers are given plenty of opportunities to deliver top-quality performances, with their special St. Patrick’s Day 2018 show Celtic Storm already lined up for next year.

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H/T: Irish Dancing Magazine