Con Holleran will be an Irish dance star one day!

At only 2 years old, Con Holleran is a seriously impressive Irish dancer.

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On Facebook, Con's dad Brian Holleran has shared an absolutely adorable video of his son Irish dancing which has since gone viral with over 3 thousand likes.

Speaking with IrishCentral, Con’s proud dad said of his son: “He’s some boy.”

“His mother is a dance teacher and I’m a flute player,” said Holleran, which makes sense given Con’s impressive footwork and timing!

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“He loves the dancing. She’ll show him things here and there in the house and he just picks it up like a sponge.

“There’s a lot of music and dancing in the house. He’s such a happy little chap too.

“When he started dancing in time to the music, we couldn’t believe it. They say it’s best to learn a language before age three. I guess the same goes for a few steps!”

Con's dad also hilariously noted in a separate video that "He also requests his pants off while dancing - just like daddy."

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Check out this video of Con Holleran dancing an Irish dance set piece, Planxty Hugh O’Donnell - thanks to Brian Holleran for sharing!

Two-year-old shows off his Irish dance moves

This might be one of the cutest Irish dance videos out there 

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Con Holleran is probably the cutest Irish dancer everBrian Holleran, Facebook