'Kaden's Ceili' features 16-year-old Kaden Strek Irish dancing alongside his sisters

Kaden Strek is the star of Motor City Irish Dance's 'Kaden's Ceili,' a special performance that was choreographed by the school's director Kimberly Mikulski.

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Kaden's mother Eddie told IrishCentral that she and her husband adopted Kaden, who has Cerebral Palsy, Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, and Apraxia of Speech, when they were pregnant with their first daughter.

Eddie shared this video that explains Kaden's conditions:

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Eddie said: “My daughter fell in love with Irish Dance at age 6 and we’ve been completely immersed ever since. Kaden goes to every performance, festival, etc. and is their biggest fan. He began to know all of the music, which we realized when began to speak at age 9.”

The family is a part of Motor City Irish Dance, which is a performance-based troupe in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

“Being a part of Motor City Irish Dance has truly been a blessing for our family,” Eddie said. “They have always embraced Kaden and last year decided to include him in performances.”

Motor City Irish Dance shared this heartwarming video of one of the performances of 'Kaden's Ceili:'

“Kaden’s Ceili” - Kaden is being escorted by his younger sister, Skye! He’s our BIGGEST fan and such a valuable member of our company! https://www.facebook.com/groups/260337088930/?ref=share #irish #irishdance #feisnews #lordofthedance #irishdancefamily #irishdanceforall #differentlyabled #specialneeds #motorcityirishdance #rochesterhills #detroit

Publiée par Motor City Irish Dance sur Jeudi 19 septembre 2019

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Inspired by Kaden, Motor City Irish Dance is now working on developing an Irish dance program for people with disabilities:

This is so heartwarming!! We are working to open up an Irish dance class for dancers with disabilities! One of the families in our school has a brother with special needs - he is our biggest fan! His name is Kaden. We have a dance called “Kaden’s Ceili” that he is the star of!! pic.twitter.com/lBBbKP8Urt

— MotorCityIrishDance (@motorcityirishd) September 16, 2019

Great job, Kaden! You can learn more about Motor City Irish Dance on their Facebook page.