Irish dancing is in the genes for this family! 

An Irish great-grandma, grandmother, and granddaughter held an audience captive when they took the stage at a feis to perform a traditional three-hand reel together.

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The video, shared by The Little Irish Dancer on YouTube, shows how the threesome quickly had the crowd cheering and clapping to the beat. Even better, the three-hand was accompanied by some fantastic live Irish music.

While the young girl may have stolen the show with her own solo step, the Irish great-grandma and grandmother certainly held their own with a lively yet coordinated rendition of a three-hand reel.

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In a time where Irish dancing has become increasingly competitive and accused of excessive pageantry, it is so lovely to see this family return to their roots with a simple and traditional step about.

The best part? Hugs and kisses from the rightfully proud “gramma” and “great-granny” for the young girl at the end of their performance!

Watch here!

3-hand reel with Grandma and Great-Granny

This is just fantastic! 💚

Posted by on Thursday, August 9, 2018

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* Originally published in 2018, updated in March 2020

Does Irish dancing go back generations in your family? Let us know in the comments!

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