The Hurling Classic at Citi Field will see four county panels battle in out in the Big Apple in November

Several county hurlers were at Citi Field in New York City this week to give a preview of the November 16 event which will see Kilkenny, Limerick, Wexford, and the reigning All-Ireland Senior Hurling Champions Tipperary battle it out in a tournament stateside.

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The event features a three-game tournament, with each of the games running 40 minutes in duration. Limerick will defend the Players Champions Cup, having won the 2018 Fenway Hurling Classic with a 38-30 victory over Cork.

In addition to the hurling tournament, the event will feature an Irish festival complete with music and dancing

Richie Hogan, who has hurled for 13 years with Co Kilkenny, spoke with New York local news Fox 5 about the upcoming event.

“There would be blood, sweat, and tears poured on the pitch,” Hogan said in an attempt to describe the uniquely Irish sport of hurling.

“We are hugely proud of our own sport,” he added. 

Shaun Murphy, a hurler on the Wexford panel, said: “It’s one of those sports you can’t really describe in terms of, you kind of need to see it in action.”

You can watch Fox 5's preview of the event here:

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For more information about the New York Hurling Classic and to purchase tickets, please visit

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