Tea and Sympathy in NYC is chock full of Irish goodies

Tea and Sympathy in New York City has turned to GoFundMe to help keep their doors open.

“We have been holding on by the skin of our teeth for years now,” writes shop owner Nicola ‘Nicky’ Perry, “and with increasing rent prices, rental taxes and overall increases in the cost of doing business our little tea shop is in dire need of your support!”

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The shop, an institution in downtown New York City’s West Village, is a British tea spot that stocks loads of Irish favorites like Crunchies, Barry’s teas, Jacob’s biscuits, and Batchelor’s canned goods.

Also a restaurant, Tea and Sympathy serves up Irish bacon, shepherd’s pie, and Guinness pies on their menu.

In 2015, when American chocolate company Hershey's tried to impose a ban on foreign chocolate being imported to the US, Tea and Sympathy noted the importance of Cadbury's to their sales.

Co-owner Sean Kavanagh-Dowsett said, “U.K. and Irish chocolate are a largish percentage of our business.”

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Donations via the GoFundMe will be used “to help lower our loan repayments, pay our vendors, pay our real estate taxes, assist in our rent which for our three businesses is a whopping $28,000 per month plus real estate taxes which as landlords refinance the building increase yearly.”

“We have stood by and watched all of the local businesses who made the West Village what it is today lose to landlords and buyouts and profit losses. We are trying so hard not to be added to that list.”

The shop has one certain Irish fan - Conor McGregor makes sure to stop in whenever he’s in New York City:

This fella has a lot of fans all over the world, and we are among them, as you can see, but he is obviously a fan of Tea...

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