Today (July 28) is the National Milk Chocolate Day and we all know what the best chocolate in the world is?.... Cadbury's of course!

The Irish and British communities in the US are still mourning the loss of authentic Cadbury's chocolate after it was banned in the US in 2014, following a lawsuit from American confectionery giant Hershey's but we just have to hope that we receive a nice care package in time.

Thinking wistfully of Flake bars, Creme Eggs and squares of Dairy Milk bars, we took a look at the history of the Cadbury’s chocolate empire:

Here are some of the top facts:

1. There are 350 million bars of Dairy Milk chocolate sold every year. That’s nearly a million a day.

Hershey’s ban on Cadbury's in the US will not stand if Irish and British unite!

Hershey’s ban on Cadbury's in the US will not stand if Irish and British unite!

2. Cadbury’s created the first heart-shaped chocolate box. Richard Cadbury, the son of the Founder, John Cadbury, came up with the idea for St. Valentine’s Day, in 1861.

3. People love Crunchies! In fact so much so that Cadbury produces 1,200 Crunchies per minutes … that’s 1 million Crunchies per day!

4. The chocolatiers once owned the color purple. Well, their own particular shade of purple (Pantone 2685c) famously used on the Dairy Milk packaging.

Competitors Nestlé took them to court over it saying colors could not be protected as a trademark. However, they lost the four-year court battle. Eventually, Judge Colin Birss stated that the color had been synonymous with the Birmingham-based chocolate for more than 90 years. Sadly, in 2013, they finally lost the rights to the shade after Nestlé appealed the ruling.

5. Cadbury's was established in Birmingham in England 1824, by John Cadbury who sold tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate.


6. In 1933 Cadbury built its first factory on Ossory Road, Dublin. When it first started production the factory only produced three products, including its world famous Dairy Milk. Cadbury now has factories in Coolock, Dublin, and Rathmore, County Kerry.

7. Cadbury's made some of the first milk chocolate in the world. In 1857 a Swiss manufacturer, Daniel Peter added milk to the recipe … and Dairy Milk was born! Cadbury’s milk chocolate finally hit the shelves in 1897.


8. Cadbury is a fair trade product. They were certified back in 2008 and have increased the amount of fair trade cocoa sourced in West Africa.

9. Cadbury were the official cocoa and chocolate makers for Queen Victoria. John Cadbury and his brother were given the first Royal Warrant by Her Majesty in 1854.

10. Cadbury is the second largest sweet (candy) and chocolate company in the world. The employ 70,000 people in 50 countries.


11. During the World War II, Cadbury's was forced to remove Dairy Milk from shelves, as the government banned manufacturers from using fresh milk. Cadbury's produced ration chocolate using dried skimmed milk chocolate.

* Originally published in January 2015.

Cadbury's chocolate bars. iStock