Jameson Cold Brew is "Coffee Lovers' Whiskey. Whiskey Lovers' Coffee."

Jameson, the iconic Irish distillers, claim to have found a fresh angle on the classic relationship between Irish whiskey and coffee, a drink often concocted by amateur cocktail makers. 

The drink, which is set to hit the markets in February, is made with 100% Brazilian and Columbian Arabica beans and contains about 17mg of caffeine per shot, the equivalent of a shot of espresso.

The new drink combines the taste of traditional, triple-distilled Jameson whiskey with "hints of toasted oak, dark chocolate, and a rich coffee aroma," according to the Jameson website

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The drink's alcohol by volume (ABV) rating sits at 30%, significantly lower than that of a regular Jameson's, which sits at 40%. 

Jameson and coffee have often been blended together by whiskey connoisseurs to craft Irish coffees, but the drinks company has now made that task even easier.   

Jameson Cold Brew is the company's first foray into the flavored spirits market, following in the footsteps of countless other companies such as Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and Jägermeister, who have all released Cold Brew editions of their renowned drinks. 

The limited-edition drink is perfect for a whole host of cocktails, including espresso martinis, Irish coffees or in an Old Fashioned. 

The famous Irish whiskey company recommends serving its new innovation over ice. 

Jameson Cold Brew is available for pre-order at reservebar.com and will go on sale officially on February 10. The drink is only available in the United States for the foreseeable future. 

A 750ml bottle of the new drink is available for $37 and is the perfect gift for the approaching Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day holidays. Get yourself a bottle before they're gone.

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