Guinness embarks on feasibility study to create beer for space

A woman who is set to become the first Irish person to travel to space has inspired Guinness to explore crafting a beer suitable for consumption in space.

Dr. Norah Patten, a native of Ballina in Co Mayo, is an aeronautical engineer who expects to travel to space to continue in her research.

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At their recent Future of Stout Summit, Guinness announced that they will embark on a feasibility study to learn how to brew beer that is suitable for space.  They included Dr. Patten as a source of inspiration and announced a special edition brew named 'Stoutosphere' to mark the occasion.

#Guinness has brewed a limited-edition stout, “Stoutosphere”, created especially for #InternationalStoutDay & in the spirit of innovation has announced its brewers are set to work on a study to investigate brewing a Guinness fit to be enjoyed in space:

— Diageo News (@Diageo_News) November 1, 2018

Guinness said that the “next step in the brewers continued adventure in beer will be to ensure that Guinness is space ready when the time comes.”

Speaking at the Future of Stout Summit held at Guinness’s Open Gate Brewery, Dr. Patten said she knew she wanted to be involved with the project as soon as she heard about it.

“It’s brilliant that the brewers at Guinness are trying to solve a highly complex brewing challenge,” she said.

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“I’m hoping to experience space first hand and having flown as a researcher on a recent parabolic flight campaign, I know that we need to keep innovating as we travel further into space.”

“If I can share some of my own experiences working in the space field with the project team, then that will be personally very rewarding for me. I wish them the very best with their challenge. Although it may seem like a daunting one, the possibilities of space experiences for people are nearer than we think.”

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