Irish entrepreneur Eoin Heverin has launched his Leprechaun ‘My Buddy McSpuddy’ into near space.

Described as the Irish version of ‘Elf on the Shelf’ by Mr. Heverin believes McSpuddy is much more than that. “He is a best friend, a lucky charm and a promoter of good behavior,” says the County Mayo man.  

As part of the launch, McSpuddy was sent hurtling into space attached to a large weather balloon, traveling some 36,000 meters above the earth. 

My Buddy McSpuddy is not an ordinary doll toy and is sure to become a trusted friend and lucky charm for kids across the U.S.

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Leprechaun in Space

As part of the launch, McSpuddy was sent hurtling some 36,000 meters above the earth. Full story here:

Posted by on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

McSpuddy arrives with his pot of gold and 10 gold coins. The recipient looks after his pot of gold while he takes care of the gold coins in MagicLand on their behalf. 

When the child is good, McSpuddy will magically pop a gold coin into their pot.

When the child collects 10 gold coins McSpuddy will grant them a wish from their Wish List (devised with the guidance of a parent) located in the accompanying book.

McSpuddy also has a ‘Worry Patch’ and a ‘Good Luck’ patch on his removable jacket. These features were a hit with kids who recently trialed the product. 

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‘My Buddy McSpuddy’ is the brainchild of Irish entrepreneur Eoin Heverin.

‘My Buddy McSpuddy’ is the brainchild of Irish entrepreneur Eoin Heverin.

It especially helped children who suffer from anxiety as they can rub McSpuddy’s worry patch to assist them in making their worries disappear. McSpuddy also has many more surprising features that further add to his magic.

My Buddy McSpuddy will retail in all major toy shops later this year, however people have the chance to pre-order this product by visiting the Kickstarter website here 

Pre-orders from Kickstarter will get the full box set at a discounted price starting on June 26th while supplies last.

Eoin Heverin previously appeared on RTÉ’s Dragon’s Den (the Irish version of Shark Tank) in May 2016), where he received investment from investor Barry O’Sullivan.