Burger, fried egg, Irish bacon, tomato, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese... what do you think? Would you tuck into this St. Patrick's Day "Irish Breakfast Burger Feast"?

A burger company in Massachusetts prepared an ‘Irish Breakfast Burger Feast’ just in time for St. Patrick’s Day 2019 and it is literally massive. Even if you are a full Irish breakfast aficionado we reckon you’ll find it hard to wrap your chops around this festive delight.

So what’s involved? Well, there’s the burger, fried egg, Irish bacon, grilled tomato, garlic parmesan mushrooms, AND Irish cheddar cheese, AND garlic aioli. Holy moly! That’s a whole lot.

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Let’s review. The ingredients to a full Irish breakfast are sausages, rashers, pudding, eggs, some starch (bread, potato farl, potatoes, depending on where you are), and then vegetables (beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, this one’s dealer’s choice). There you have it! And that comes from our own Brendan Charles’ mouth, who is himself a butcher in the Irish community of Woodlawn, in The Bronx.

A full Irish breakfast.

A full Irish breakfast.

So what do you think? Could you stomach it?

Well just in time for St. Patrick’s Day you could order this beast for delivery from BurgaBox, part of the Boston Burger Company who have teamed up with Jolly Posh Foods on this venture, provide a meal kit delivery service for $59.

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Here’s what comes in the box:

The Irish breakfast burger:

The Irish breakfast burger.

The Irish breakfast burger.

Black & Tan fries:

Black & Tan fries.

Black & Tan fries.

(Might some be offended by that title? Many are upset by the cocktail the Irish Carbomb.)

That’s corn beef, Guinness and harpoon gravy, cheddar cheese, horseradish aioli on top of wedge French fries.

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Bangers and mac:

Bangers and mac.

Bangers and mac.

Irish bangers, Jameson Irish whiskey braised onions on top of homemade mac and cheese.

The delicacy is the brainchild of Paul Malvone - the co-owner of the company and described as “mastermind behind all of the ridiculous recipes.”

Well, what do you think? Would you lash into this feast? Or will you stick to your full Irish and your corned beef and cabbage?

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* Originally published in 2019.

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