Like cookies and milk or mac and cheese, some food just belongs together and one of Guinness's best culinary pals is most certainly seafood and, in this writer's opinion, most definitely smoked fish.

The famous pairing, of course, is that of Guinness and oysters and the half shell but there's a myriad of ways to use Guinness in preparing fish or seafood and here's just one delicious recipe brought straight from the chefs inside the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin's city center. 

What we especially like about this recipe is that it uses very traditionally Irish produce - samphire, mussels, and oysters - all readily available along the shores of Dublin in days gone by. This high-end kind of cuisine is what Dublin foodies have come to expect and we just delight in the idea of cooking fish with Guinness Dublin Porters. 

Next time you're looking for something a little bit Irish and a little bit different remember this simple recipe and get cooking. 

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Guinness smoked haddock with samphire, mussels and oysters recipe

Prep time - 10 mins
Cooking time - 15 mins
Serves - 4


- 1kg smoked haddock sides

- 1kg mussels

- 10 oysters

- 200g samphire

- 250ml double cream

- 300ml Guinness® Dublin Porter

- Salt

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- Preheat the oven to 190°C (374F). Place the haddock sides onto a large baking tray and lay the shucked oysters amongst them.

- Drizzle a small amount of Guinness Dublin Porter on top of each oyster and place the tray in the oven for about 10 minutes.

- In a large pan on the stove, combine the rest of the Guinness Dublin Porter, cream, samphire, mussels and a decent pinch of salt and steam for around 5 minutes while the fish is cooking. The mussels are cooked when they've all opened up.

- To serve, ladle out the mussels onto large platters, then rest the haddock and oysters on top.

Check out this Guinness Storehouse video for more:

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