More commonly thought of as a feast-day of excess, binging, and the one day that you could break away from Lent and get away with it, you probably never before thought to look to St. Patrick’s Day for inspiration in losing weight and getting fit.

Well, you may have always been among those forced out of the house on a bracing March 17 morning to stumble up a hill of pilgrimage to mark this Irish holiday or you may have only begun recently to take part in one of the many St. Patrick’s Day road races or five-mile runs that are popping up as part of celebrations all over the world, but for many, this St. Patrick’s Day will be a perfect excuse to get out in the fresh air and soak up some outdoor activities.

With this in mind, Shape Magazine put together this video featuring their take on how to use inspiration from the Irish and St. Patrick to lose weight, with our very own traditional dancing technique coming in as a great way to get active and enjoy yourself at the same time.

St. Patrick's Day: 5 Weight Loss Ideas From... by GeoBeats

Here’s the full list:

1. Irish dance

Get yourself down to your nearest classes and give your few steps a chance. Irish dancers are world-class athletes who go through all that training and practice because they love it. If you’re nervous about dancing in front of other people try set-dancing, where a partner can help you along while you find your feet.

2. Irish butter

Although only when used in moderation, a sliver of Kerrygold on your mashed potatoes every now and again may help to curb your appetite, meaning you’ll want to eat less.

3. Make green your color

All green vegetables, all of the time. Make green your favorite color!

4. Lift some pots of gold

Or something of equal weight if that’s too hard to come by. There are many great ways to get active on March 17. Marching in a parade would be a great place to start.

5. Relax

Stress and exhaustion can at times lead to weight gain so take the day off and enjoy it.

Take a break from the weighing scales this St. Patrick's Day.Getty images