What is the best Irish dish? It was a fierce competition for first place in our recent poll about Ireland's favorite meal. 

Last month was Food and Drink month here on IrishCentral, so we asked you a challenging question for the ages: What is Ireland's favorite meal

Would it be the classic bacon and cabbage? (Corned beef and cabbage here in the US.) A hearty Irish stew? Shepherd's pie topped with fluffy mashed potatoes? A full Irish breakfast to start your day off right? The sweet simplicity of Irish soda bread and tea? A Sunday roast just like your mam used to make? Or something else entirely? 

The results are in and they're delicious! In case you want to have a go at making them, recipes are included below. 

A full Irish breakfast was the winner, with 24.26% of the votes.

Recipe: How to make a proper full Irish breakfast

We assume everyone who selected a full Irish as their favorite meal was not referring to the "meal from hell" Irish breakfast a food writer encountered on board Irish Ferries and described in vivid, gory detail. 

In a close second was bacon and cabbage, with 19. 95 of the votes. 

Recipe: Learn how to make bacon and cabbage, one of Ireland's favorite dinners

Up next was shepherd's pie,  with 16.71%. 

Recipe: How to make the perfect Irish comfort food - Shepherd's pie

Then came Irish stew, with 12.40%. 

Recipe: Is this the best Irish stew recipe there is? 

A Sunday roast was a close fifth, with 11.05% of the votes. 

Recipe: The perfect Irish Sunday roast recipe 

And the humble Irish soda bread and tea came in last with 7.28%. 

Recipe: Brown bread just as your mother made it 

Other voters submitted their own categories, including fish and chips, the traditional Irish potato dish colcannon, oysters, boxty (Ireland's twist on the potato pancake), and our personal favorite, a very enthusiastic "All of the above!" 

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