Call us a bunch of Scrooges, but Christmas isn’t always tinsel and candy canes.

Tis the season! Here are some of the things we find the most annoying about Christmas:

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1. Shopping


Lines. Bills. Crowds. Parking! Heading to the mall to get that much-needed shopping done usually takes the patience of a saint.

2. Tourists


Here in New York City, the streets become overrun with tourists taking pictures of this and that – with the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center being the number one focus. Fifth Avenue is another tourist trap. Avoid these areas if at all possible!

3. Wrapping


Beautifully designed paper and rolls upon rolls of ribbon! It’s all fun and games until the first paper cut. Or the oddly shaped box. Or when you inevitably run out of Scotch tape.

4. The In-Laws


They’re bad enough during the year, but top them off with some ugly Christmas sweaters and a little too much to drink and you’ve got yourself a regular Christmas nightmare.

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5. Christmas cards


Sure, receiving them is nice and dandy, but settling down to write them all...and finding the addresses…and paying the postage...

6. Christmas lights


One goes out, they all go out. Tangles until all eternity. Plus, how about the neighbors up the block who are lit up like the Fourth of July? Less is more, dear Christmas revelers.

7. December 25 birthdays


Must be rough sharing your birthday with the most famous of all birthdays. When can we celebrate your birthday? Are we supposed to buy you people two presents? Oh, this is awkward.

8. Christmas music


While there are plenty of the cheerful, sing-a-long songs, there’s a fair share of the annoying ones as well.

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9. Hangovers


Spiked eggnog, peppermint Schnapps, a glass (or several) of Baileys – holiday merriment is wonderful! Until the next morning.

10. Crazy weather


It is anyone’s guess if we’ll be having a white Christmas or a backyard barbecue to celebrate the birth of Christ this year.

11. The unexpected gift buyer


You didn't think you were close enough friends to warrant a gift, but this person clearly believes you're best friends. Time to make up some excuse about how you forgot to bring your present with you or see what you can muster up last minute.

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Was our list not enough for you? Check out the Christmas classic, ‘The 12 Pains of Christmas’ here:

What's the most annoying thing about Christmas to you? Let us know in the comments!

* Originally published in 2011.

Call us a bunch of Scrooges, but Christmas can get annoying!Getty