Miley Cyrus' brother Trace says Dublin was his sister's favorite place to play on her world tour.

Trace, whose band Metro Station opens for Miley, told fans that Miley was "very impressed" with how she was allowed to be herself in Dublin and how no one bothered her.

"Sorry I had no Internet in Ireland, but the Dublin shows were amazing! I had a blast," he said on Twitter.

He talked about how his sister raved about her two shopping trips and her walk through St. Stephens Green to feed the ducks and chat with passers-by.

Miley said "This was one of my favourite places to play. It was probably one of the loudest shows I've done in the whole tour. I had more people jumping up and down than we've ever seen before.

"I didn't really know much about Ireland ... I had one of my most low-key visits here. I felt people were really respectful. I got to see everything I could see in two days. The first day I took my little brother into Topman and for a walk through the park. I thought Dublin was a really cool place."