The Irish Stew, a podcast for the global Irish nation, dropped their latest episode this week. 

A native of County Cork, Michael Mellamphy is a busy New York actor currently starring in Ronán Noone’s "The Smuggler" at the Irish Repertory Theatre in New York, and on the day of the play's opening night, he takes the time to sit down with the lads from the Irish Stew Podcast.

In this episode he shares tales from the Irish stage, his early days in New York, his time bartending at and later owning the popular New York pub Ryan’s Daughter, his first forays into New York theater, and why he likens his video game work to performing on the stage.

He recalls his earliest memories of the theater as sitting with his grandmother at the Cork Opera House for the annual Christmas panto. She would tell him, “You could be up there, doing that for a living”.

Even then as a young child, Michael was excited and inspired by theatre and its power to bring communities together, challenge people, and foster new ideas. To have the opportunity to continue this work in the "theatre capital of the world" is something that humbles and excites him at the same time.

As well known as Michael is in the New York theater scene, notably being the Artistic Director of Origin Theatre’s 1st Irish Festival, he's also famed as the performance capture artist of the cheeky Irish gunslinger Sean MacGuire from Rockstar’s hugely popular video game Red Dead Redemption 2.

Join the Irish Stew for an engaging conversation with a global Irish citizen of the stage, screen, and video games, Michael Mellamphy!

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