The Irish Stew makes its return to podcast platforms after a short summer break and are back with brand new interviews with the global Irish.

Their latest chat is with Margaret Molloy, a Chief Marketing Officer in New York. From a dairy farm in Co. Offaly, her university days in Ulster during The Troubles, her internship with Enterprise Ireland that brought her to New York, and her MBA from Harvard Business School plus much more. Margaret Molloy may not have done it all–but she’s getting close.

Growing up the eldest of six children, Margaret credits her accomplishments to her parents’ work ethic and thirst for education. She is an influential advocate for Irish design as well. In March 2016 she launched the #WearingIrish initiative, encouraging everyone to wear Irish fashion once in March and to post their pictures on social media.

The movement has helped jumpstart the world of Irish fashion and design while further burnishing the Irish brand. For her part, she donned fashion and accessories by Irish designers every day in March. Her vision is for #WearingIrish to be an annual movement.

Hosts John and Martin speak to her about the strategy and serendipity that shaped her career and she expains the meaning of “brand,” how the best brands are rooted in simplicity and the power of a personal brand. Margaret lives in Manhattan with her husband, Jim O’Sullivan, and their sons, Finn and Emmet.

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