Irish language rap trio Kneecap are starring in a new black-comedy drama about the culture of post-Troubles Belfast.

The film, which is called "Kneecap" and features a mixture of the Irish and English languages, is set in West Belfast in 2019, according to a synopsis.

"Fate brings together disillusioned music teacher JJ with self-confessed ‘low life scum’ Naoise and Liam Og, changing the sound of Irish music forever," an official synopsis says.

"Under the name Kneecap, their band begins moulding the language to fit their tough, anarchic, hedonistic lives. A language encumbered with forty words for stone now has one for stoned.

"But to get their voices heard the trio must overcome police, paramilitaries, and politicians as the future of the Irish language erupts into the public arena – with them at the centre.

"Yet their worst enemies are often themselves, as family and relationship pressures threaten their dreams, and their illegal exploits draw condemnation from all sides."

"Kneecap," written by Scottish writer Rich Peppiatt, wrapped shooting this month and will be screened at the GREAT8 showcase at Cannes 2023.

"We’re buzzing to show people a side of Belfast that isn’t about guns, bombs and death," Kneecap said of the new film.

"To give an insight into the youth culture that has been born out of that madness – we all needed a break from it and there’s revenge in our laughter.”

“This is the North of Ireland and the importance of culture and community in the 21st Century."

Kneecap member Móglaí Bap told Hot Press: "It’s not our own personal stories – our characters have their own fictional stories.

"But it’s the Kneecap timeline, which is all true. The bits about being in the news will all be in the movie, and the backstories will be intertwined in that."

The film is financed by BFI (awarding National Lottery funding), Screen Ireland, Coimisiún na Meán, TG4, and Northern Ireland Screen.

Irish actor Michael Fassbender is rumored to play a role in the film after being spotted on set earlier this year.

Who is Kneecap?

Kneecap, a West Belfast trio consisting of members Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap, and DJ Próvaí, have been growing in prominence since the release of their debut single C.E.A.R.T.A (Irish for rights) in 2017.

The group was inspired by all-night parties in West Belfast, which featured a blend of Irish traditional music and techno.

Group member Mo Chara told the New York Times in 2022 that the group is attempting to highlight that Irish language music does not revolve around "rural traditional music."

The group's consistent reference to drugs has also left them at odds with hardline Irish republicans, who often take a zero-tolerance approach to narcotics.

"We’re screaming about the ‘Ra even though the ‘Ra would probably shoot us for doing all of these sorts of thing," Móglaí Bap told the New York Times.

You can listen to some of Kneecap's top tracks on Spotify here: