Photo stills of John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe in 2012’s “The Raven,” have been released showing a far more gauntly and sinister Cusack than audiences are accustomed to.  

John Cusack will be staring in the upcoming film as the renowned American poet during his last days of life, as he chases down a killer in Baltimore who is taunting him by leaving clues in his murders relating to the writer’s macabre stories.

The film is based on the 1845 narrative poem of the same title by Edgar Allan Poe, but it also delves into the real-life mystery of the author’s death in 1849. The film speculates that his death involved the serial killer that the disturbed writer was hunting down immediately before his death.

Director James Mc Teigue told USA Today that an array of Hollywood’s leading men showed interest in playing the godfather of Goth in the upcoming film, but the role was swept up by Cusack.



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Cusack, 45, was last seen in the comedy “Hot Tub Time Machine” and has been in countless of other films since his Hollywood debut in 1983’s “Class.” It is rather rare to see the Irish-American actor play such an ominous character, which brings the 19th century alcoholic writer back to life but he has shown much dedication to the role and the film. 

"This is the type of part I have fought for," the actor says. "I'm always dying to do more character-driven work, and it is hard to find the right canvas."

He describes “The Raven” as "a very rare combination of both blockbuster and art house," unlike other classic remakes like “Sherlock Holmes,” who drew millions of people to the theaters back in 2009.

"Even though that movie was called “Sherlock Holmes,” the fun part was watching Robert Downey Jr. do his thing," the director said. "It was more about watching him in a period movie. “The Raven” is about story and narrative drive."

John Cusack’s extensive career has surely garnered a fan-base over the years, leaving his and Poe’s fans intrigued for how the actor will portray the troubled literary genius in “The Raven.”

Cusack recently took to his Twitter account to assure his fans that the suspenseful film will be worthwhile: “It’s true to Poe…Expect the worst,” he wrote.

The film is slated for a March 9 release in the United States.

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