Jason Momoa knows it's always a 'Lovely Day for a Guinness.'

A new Guinness commercial follows Jason Momoa as he discovers that he is 2% Irish and promptly spreads the word as fast as he can, telling everyone old and young, Irish and not Irish, about his newfound Irish heritage. 

The commercial is produced by Momoa's production company On The Roam and features a cameo appearance from his mother Coni Momoa, who handed the actor his first Guinness when he turned 21. 

"I've wanted to direct for Guinness for 12 years now," Momoa said in a statement.

"They have, in my opinion, the best commercials in the world. It was fun pitching this idea to them, they loved it; and now, it's turned into a dream job." 

Joyce He, Brand Director with Guinness US, said it was "special" to finally work with Momoa.

"For years, he's been a huge fan of ours and of course, we're huge fans of his. But this is more than just another partnership: together with Jason, we are starting a new chapter in our iconic story that will bring Guinness to more people, places, and celebrations. I can't wait to keep sharing with the world what we already know: any day is a lovely day for a Guinness." 

The new commercial is debuting just in time for St. Patrick's Day but will be part of the Guinness "Lovely Day" campaign and will run all year long. The latest commercial was shot in New Zealand, where Momoa is filming his new movie "Epic."

You can watch the new "Lovely Day for a Guinness" commercial, starring Jason Momoa here: