Colin Farrell’s new film “Total Recall” features “action sequences so spectacular that it’ll be worth your two hours and ten dollars - or your ten euros!” the Irish star told Total Film.

The magazine described Farrell as a “charisma-oozing Irishman.”

He’s also an Irishman adamant to be seen without 3D glasses.

Although Farrell did not make the decision to release the film only in 2D, he said he supported the choice.

“I’ve seen some things that were great in 3D but personally, I just don’t need it- if the story’s good enough,” he said.

In fact, if the film had been in 3D, Farrell said he didn’t know whether he would have signed on to the project.

“I just don’t need the picture to come out,” he said.

But “Total Recall” isn’t just flashy action, whatever the number of dimensions; Farrell said he found the acting “continuously challenging, not just in a physical way, but in an emotional way and in an intellectual way.”

The film’s premise- the protagonist, played by Farrell, discovers that his entire life and identity aren’t real- provoked “plenty of existential questions” for Farrell, he said.

"The whole film then is a journey from this man awakening to the ideas of identity and past and being robbed of everything you were and everything you believed, without even knowing what these things are,” he told Total Film.

“Total Recall” is a remake of a 1990 film of the same title, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger played Farrell’s role.

To bulk up for the movie, Farrell said he ate 150 grams of protein a day, but “couldn’t quite reach the Olympian levels of a certain predecessor of mine.”

With a remake in the bag, a “Total Recall” sequel wouldn’t be a complete surprise.

If a sequel’s on the table, Farrell said, “I’d be mad not to do it.”

Preview Farrell’s movie here:

Colin Farrell star of the 2012 reboot "Total Recall"Google Images