Cillian Murphy was presented with the Desert Palm Achievement Award, Actor during the Palm Springs International Film Awards last night, Thursday, January 4.

Murphy was presented the award for his "career-best performance" as J. Robert Oppenheimer in the summer blockbuster "Oppenheimer."

Robert Downey Jr drew plenty of laughs when he introduced his “Oppenheimer” co-star on Thursday night. After explaining that he didn’t prepare remarks ahead of time, Downey Jr said he “jotted down some broad stroke stuff” and took a piece of paper from his pocket that said “NO IRISH JOKES.”

“I did ‘NO IRISH JOKES’ all caps, and that's it," Downey Jr said showing his notes to the audience.

January 4, 2024: Robert Downey Jr with his "NO IRISH JOKES" note. (Getty Images)

January 4, 2024: Robert Downey Jr with his "NO IRISH JOKES" note. (Getty Images)

Earnestly, Downey Jr continued: “Look at this guy! That’s Cillian Murphy, and he is an anomaly. 

“He’s been an actor for over 20 years and nobody dislikes this guy.

"It’s not easy; check your own table.”

After praising Murphy's "character work and his on-screen intensity," he added: “He’s brilliant, he’s singular, he’s wildly uncomfortable with praise, so I can’t wait to make him suck it up. 

“He’s fiery, he’s dynamic, he’s passionate, he’s an artist through and through, he’s wickedly funny, and he just so happens to also be Irish.”

“Nobody dislikes this guy,” says Robert Downey Jr. while presenting award to Oppenheimer costar Cillian Murphy. #PSIFF2024

— Chris Gardner (@chrissgardner) January 5, 2024

Accepting his award, Cork native Murphy returned Downey Jr’s compliments: “He’s one of the kindest, most compassionate, generous, funniest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

With a chuckle, Murphy continued: “I don’t really like talking about myself so I’m going to talk about other people, if that’s okay.”

Murphy went on to thank Palm Springs International Film Festival, his fellow "fiercely talented artists," everyone at Universal Pictures for their work on "Oppenheimer," as well as the film's director and his frequent collaborator Christopher Nolan.

He concluded his speech: “Finally, because I don’t ever really get to do this too often, I want to say thanks to my family. Two-thirds of them are sitting down there; we had to leave one of them at home because he’s doing exams.

"But, just thanks for putting up with me, putting up with the half me, the shadow me, and the absent me, the remains of me when I’m doing a film like this or work in general. You’re always there and I love you for it.”

(WATCH) ‘Oppenheimer’ star Cillian Murphy accepts the Desert Palm Achievement, Actor award at #PSIFF2024

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) January 5, 2024

Sadly, despite his accolades, it seems not everyone has the pronunciation of Murphy's traditional Irish name down just yet. Video from the event showed photographers shouting "Sillian!" at him:

Murphy accepted his Desert Palm Achievement Award, Actor just a few days before the 2024 Golden Globes, where he's in the running for Best Actor Motion Picture - Drama category. Notably, he's up against two fellow Irish actors - Andrew Scott and Barry Keoghan.

Meanwhile, Murphy continues to generate serious Oscar buzz for his portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer in the summer blockbuster. Oscar nominations will be announced on January 24.