Gabriel Byrne is ready to hit the road this fall with an Irish soprano in an effort to promote Irish classical music. 

The Sunday Tribune reports that Byrne, a recent Golden Globe winner for his starring role in the HBO hit series "In Treatment," is interested in touring with soprano Celine Byrne, who he met earlier last month in New York while she performed with the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Gabriel had been in touch the day before, to offer his services as emcee,” Byrne told the paper. “He did a wonderful job and, seeing as though the concert took place at 4 p.m., invited the performers out afterwards for dinner and drinks. I found Gabriel to be a really nice guy and very funny.”

The two unrelated Byrnes sound as if they’d make a compelling pair on the road.  Gabriel would read classic Irish prose, and Celine would sing.

“What I love about this project is that we can bring another element of Irish music, that’s classical,” Celine said. “This is more classical and it’s nice for people to hear that and not think that Irish music is all about Irish dancing and ‘Danny Boy.’”

Should everything come to pass, Gabriel feels that the fall would be a perfect time to start.

“Gabriel wanted to do the tour in the autumn because a lot of the poetry he has chosen to read would be reminiscent of the season and he wanted that ambience to go with it,” said Celine.

In the meantime, fans of "In Treatment" won’t have to wait long for the new series to begin. Back to back episodes start to air on Sunday, April 5 and Monday the 6th.