The Irish Stew, a podcast for the global Irish nation, dropped the last episode of their latest season. 

Brian McCabe is the quintessential New York Irish cop who rose up through the ranks from walking a beat to becoming a highly-ranked detective while also being widely recognized for his service in the Irish Peace Process.

He’s also a respected leader of New York’s Irish American community and a man at the center of a major controversy playing out now in New York as the American Irish Historical Society’s irreplaceable townhouse home on Fifth Avenue in New York City was put up for sale.

Brian always seems to be in the middle of it all, from his roots amidst a big Irish family, as a cop keeping the peace as a detective during some grim times in New York, in the middle of important peace-building efforts in Northern Ireland, and now in the middle of efforts to save the American Irish Historical Society (AIHS).

Brian came into the AIHS as Chairman of the Executive Council, hoping to air out the old building, welcome Irish arts and culture, and return the 125-year-old organization to relevance. And the work was well underway when his situation there became untenable.

The situation soon became vastly more dire as the AIHS announced its plans to sell its landmark building and move its collection to who knows where.

Join hosts John Lee and Martin Nutty as Brian chats to them about his Irish American childhood, his adventures scurrying across rooftops in pursuit of “perps,” how he got to know the people in the neighborhoods he served, and the effort to save the AIHS, and the breakthrough when New York attorney general Leticia James blocked the building’s sale.

Save the date! The Irish Stew Podcast will make a return on March 13. You can catch up on all previous episodes here. 

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