Tom Hanks and Bono enjoyed a pint of Guinness together after the Hollywood actor appeared at the Dalkey Book Festival on Friday night. 

Tom Hanks appeared at the festival to discuss his latest book "The Making of Another Motion Picture Masterpiece" with BBC presenter Andrea Catherwood on Friday night. The novel tells the story of the making of a star-studded superhero movie and the humble comic book that inspired it all. 

Bono, who spoke about his first book "Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story" at the festival on Sunday night, was in the crowd during Hanks' appearance and joined the famous actor for a pint afterward. 

"Bono, ⁦@acatherwoodnews⁩ and ⁦@tomhanks⁩ relaxing after joyous interview- performance last night. A true joy and privilege to host them," the Dalkey Book Festival wrote on Twitter. 

Bono, ⁦@acatherwoodnews⁩ , and ⁦@tomhanks⁩ relaxing after joyous interview- performance last night . A true joy and privilege to host them w ⁦

— Dalkey Book Festival (@dalkeybookfest) June 17, 2023

Hanks is reportedly staying with Bono at the U2 frontman's mansion on the Vico Road, which is within walking distance of the Dalkey Book Festival. 

During his appearance at the festival on Sunday night, Bono informed the crowd that he had recently discovered that he was baptized as both a Protestant and a Catholic when he was a baby. 

"I found this out only last week at a funeral, that I was baptized a Protestant as well as a Catholic," Bono said on Sunday night. 

"My mother was a Protestant, my father was a Catholic," Bono said, adding that his maternal grandmother made sure that he was baptized a Protestant at the earliest opportunity. 

Bono was speaking to Irish Times columnist Fintan O'Toole, who recently released his own memoir "We Don't Know Ourselves". The discussion was moderated by economist and Irish Times columnist David McWilliams.