Check out this incredible area footage of the seaside towns of Dalkey and Killiney in County Dublin.

As the home of the nation’s capital city, County Dublin offers a center of fun, frolics, and city excitement for all who grace its cobbled streets.

For those who venture off the beaten track, however, Co Dublin can offer countryside and coastal views to rival any of those along the Wild Atlantic Way.

SkyCam Ireland captured this outstanding footage of Dalkey Island and Killiney Island along the Dublin coastline. You’ll be overcome with envy for those lucky enough to live in the stunning houses bordered on one side by glorious green countryside and overlooking the inviting waves of the Irish sea.

Flying over the old ruins as boats glide across the water will make you rethink ever leaving Ireland’s capital county.

Dalkey and Killiney

Dalkey and Killiney are seaside towns in the suburbs of Dublin and are only a short transit ride from the city center. Both areas offer spectacular panoramic views of the Irish coast, including views of nearby islands like Lamb Island and Clare Rock. 

There are also plenty of spots to go swimming nearby if you have the nerve to test the cold water.  The Vico Bathing Place and Whiterock Beach are both within walking distance and offer sheltered changing areas. 

 The views between Dalkey Hill and Killiney Hill in the nearby Killiney Hill Park are as impressive as you will see anywhere in Ireland, while walking along Killiney Beach you will get a glimpse at some of the most exclusive addresses in Dublin with celebrities like Bono and Enya living along the coast.

* Originally published in 2016. Updated in 2022.

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