The Tipton Twins are thought to be the oldest living identical twins in Britain

The Tipton Twins, 95-year-olds Lil and Doris, said “plenty Guinness” was one of the secrets to their long and happy lives.

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Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday appeared on the British talk show ‘This Morning’ on Monday to chat about their long lives, which they thank no sex, plenty of Guinness for.

The duo, who was born in 1924 and grew up in Tipton, is thought to be the oldest living identical twins in Britain and have recently launched social media channels that are run by Lil's granddaughter Kerry.

Their Facebook page says: "Their favorite food is fish & chips and favorite drink is Guinness."

When asked on 'This Morning' what their secrets were, Lil replied without hesitation: "no sex and plenty of Guinness."

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After their 95th birthday in July, Lil’s granddaughter Kerry said: "They're lovely. They enjoy playing bingo and going to the theatre.

"They're very independent. They live in a warden-controlled block but they've never pressed the button for help in two years.

"They catch the bus to do their own shopping and don't even use walking sticks."

Following their appearance on ‘This Morning,’ the Tipton twins were delighted to receive a gift from the show’s producers - cans of Guinness!

Just got back to the dressing room - how special do we feel! And the lovely team at @thismorning got us a present each @GuinnessIreland #keepsusyoung Thankyou so much 

— Tipton Twins (@TiptonTwins) September 9, 2019

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You can watch the charming Tipton twins discuss their love of Guinness here:

* Originally published in Sept 2019.