For over 70 years, UK woman Doris Olive Netting put back a glass of Guinness every day. She thanks the Irish stout’s old marketing campaigns for helping her discover that “Guinness is good for you.”

An English woman who rose to fame with her secret to a long-life of a Guinness a day has passed away, aged 100. 

It’s been claimed that Guinness is good for you in a whole variety of ways, from the iron helping pregnant mothers to how it may improve your hearing in general.

No matter the real health benefits of the Irish stout, however, all we know is that it’s delicious and so we were more than willing to latch on to the new life expectancy claim made by UK woman Doris Olive Netting when she first hit the headlines back in May 2018.

“If anyone knows the secret to a long, healthy life, it’s a centenarian. Doris Olive Netting credits her good health to drinking a glass of Guinness every day for about the last 70 years.” from @VinePair

— Greenbelt Co-op (@GreenbeltCoop) May 22, 2018

Having reached her centenary year, Netting passed away on Tuesday, August 21. Her family has said she will be remembered for her smile, sense of humor and of course, her love of Guinness. 

Since the Second World War (yes, that over 70 years) Netting has slugged back a pint of the black stuff and she believes that it’s this daily tradition that saw her reach her 100 years.

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Taking my vitamins with a @GuinnessIreland 💪🏻

Guinness is good for you. 🇮🇪

— Bruno Gunn (@brunogunn) May 3, 2018

The Plymouth woman placed her lasting health down to the stout, after first beginning to have a glass each day in her 30s when their older marketing campaigns would talk about the high levels of iron it contained.

"She absolutely loves Guinness, she's had a bottle a day since the war,” her granddaughter Tammy Netting told The Sun.

"She refuses to go a day without drinking it."

Netting had even celebrated her 100th year in style with a letter from English Queen Elizabeth, along with a Guinness-themed party with balloons, Guinness food treats, and of course, a glass of the good stuff itself.

How often do you like to enjoy a glass of Guinness? Do you believe in its health benefits? Let us know in the comments section, below.

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* Originally published in May 2018.