Makeup artists are proving their skills by giving makeovers to potatoes. It's the #potatoportrait phenomenon. 

Humanity possesses endless creativity, and part of that involves finding new and exciting uses for potatoes. 

The humble spud has been breaking out of its box as a food item recently, enjoying newfound success as a Halloween costume, the subject of one of the most expensive photographs ever sold, and a paid service for sending messages to your enemies

Makeup artists looked at potatoes and instead of seeing dinner they saw a blank canvas on which to practice their art. Now, potato makeover videos are going viral.

The #potatoportrait challenge first gained popularity on the video platform  TikTok and quickly spread. 

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Potatoes, with their rough skins, bruises, and sprouts, are a challenging surface. It's astounding what a little primer, foundation, contouring, false eyelashes, and hair can do! 

The only downside to the trend might be feeling less attractive than an actual potato. 

Here are some of our favorites #potatoportrait videos: 


This song!

This one is simple yet effective: 

Yes, more cute potatoes: 

more cute potatoes?? ugh. #potatoportrait

— tiktokcreators (@tiktokcreators) December 19, 2018

y this potato cuter than me :'( #potatoportrait

— tiktokcreators (@tiktokcreators) December 19, 2018

Peak #potatoportrait was reached when humans started to stand in for the potatoes:

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